Tattoo artist Mark Pennell and his friend Dean Hewlett spent £30,000 scouring the world’s jungles looking for a new species of spider. He was in Borneo, when a tree-dwelling tarantula dropped right in front of him.
Experts took until this year to confirm the spider as the first newly-recorded species of tarantula since 1895. They named the species Phormingochilus pennellhewletti, combining Mark and Dean’s surnames. 
This contains a five species-genus of Asian arboreal spiders. This spider is famous for lighting speed and defensiveness when in danger. It is occasionally kept as an exotic pet. Phormingochilus Pennellhewletti spiders are native to Sumatra, Sulawesi and Borneo.
Phormingochilus Pennellhewletti - A New Species of Spider
Phormingochilus Pennellhewletti – A New Species of Spider
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