Pastels in Your Home Interiors

The human mind is extremely sensitive to colors that elicit strong emotions. While some colors evoke a relaxing environment, others make you alert. Today, designers and individuals are trying to incorporate pastel colors in their work. The pastel shades are soothing, sophisticated, and hence, loved universally. However, most people failed to have a clear idea of incorporating pastel tones.
Incorporating colors into your home interiors can be challenging. However, as the pastel shades are discreet and straightforward, it is easy to integrate into any home. Whether you want to redecorate your rented bedroom or remodel the entire interior, these five approaches are the best to follow. However, before we jump into using pastels for our interiors, let us first understand pastel colors.

What are Pastel Tones?

Pastel tones belong to the family of pale colors, having high luminance and low saturation. You can create pastel shade to any pure color by adding luminance. Furthermore, you can choose complementary, monochromatic, and analogous color harmonies while creating pastel tones from pure colors.
Remember that pastel colors have a higher luminance than regular shades. As we derive pastel hues from pure colors, the color is no longer a pastel hue when you add a shade of black or grey.
5 Ways to Use Pastels in Your Home Interiors
5 Ways to Use Pastels in Your Home Interiors. While some colors evoke a relaxing environment, others make you alert.

Why do people prefer pastel shades?

Pastel shades offer a soothing and calm effect on the eyes, and people associate happy emotions with the shades. People associate specific pastel colors with joy and peace. Others convey love, romance, satisfaction, and affection. One can find ample applications of pastel shades in baby products, wedding events, skincare products, and dessert shops.

Application of Pastel Shades in Home Interiors

Today, designers have come up with some fantastic and modern home décor ideas that highly embrace the aura of pastel colors. Incorporating pastel colors into the interiors offers comfort to our eyes and mind, creating a relaxing ambiance in the home.
Your new mindset has a good influence on your family relationships. Additionally, because pastels are neutral hues, they lend a pleasant atmosphere to the living area. Here are five excellent ways of incorporating pastel hues into your home.

Pastel colors for Your Walls 

Today, no one associates the pastel colors appropriate only for the nurseries and kids’ rooms. The soft palate has much more to offer to the entire family. From giving a soothing effect to your walls to adding a pop of color to a room, pastel shades never fade out and are suitable for all seasons.
You can color your interiors in minty green, steely blues, and textured moss green. Alternatively, you can also opt for sky-blue and soft pink wallpapers for your living room and tiles in varying hues of green in your bathroom.

Pastel Hues in Kitchen-cum-dining Décor and Kitchen Appliances 

If you are subtle, and color or decorating a wall or the entire kitchen-cum-dining area with a single color intimidates you, you will not have to worry. In such a scenario, you can remain focused on your attention or the seating arrangement of your kitchen-cum-dining area. Opting for a pastel-hued dinner table set is easy, cost-effective, and highly convenient. Furthermore, painting the dining seating arrangements in pastel gives you a soft accent that uplifts your mood.
Your modern kitchen is incomplete without kitchen appliances, proper exteriors, and interiors. Kitchen appliances, from mixers and grinders to ovens, came a long way in terms of utility and design. Traditionally, these appliances have restrictions in standard and specific colors, such as white, beige, and black.
However, today, you can avail these gadgets in every color you can imagine. Today, refrigerators, ovens, and stoves come in attractive colors. From aqua to pink, you can avail of them in various ranges of colors. You can even replace your countertop appliances such as mixers and grinders in beautiful hues, including peach, lavender, and butter yellow.
Redecorating your kitchen appliances in pastel colors offers your kitchen’s décor a unique personality. Pastel appliances offer an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, which inspires you to experiment with the food. You can look out for brands that offer kitchen appliances and tools in pastel pink to support breast cancer awareness. Opting for such appliances helps in transforming your kitchen and offers a modern and positive vibe.

Incorporate Pastel Shades with Wooden Interiors

Pastel tones blend well with natural materials, such as rattan, wood paneling, seagrass, and wooden floors. If your house’s interiors have lighter wood shades, such as soft maple, oak, or bamboo, any pastel colors you choose will complement well with it. You can opt for pastel-toned rugs, sofas, and curtains.
However, if you are looking for a bolder or contrasting look, opt for décor items in peach and pink hues: pair pastel green, blue, or yellow tones with deep brown or mahogany for an elegant look. Pastels are a great complement to wood and other eco-friendly textures. Therefore, most organic brands prefer using pastel shades for depicting mother earth and the beauty of its raw materials. Moreover, pastel hues help your home interiors to stand out.

Pastel Hues to Create a County Cottage Look

If you love the look of a traditional, shabby chic interior or the rustic weather look of a classic cottage, pastel hues are always an excellent choice. You can opt for furniture you love in patterns, and solids, or mix and match them.
You can opt for pastel hues of yellows, pinks, blues, greens, and even whites, as it brings out the natural influences. Pair your pastel-hued furniture with a beautiful weathered and distressed wood background. You can also give a touch of antique pieces to create an elegant country look with your pastel inspirations.

Pastel-colored Cabinets and Wardrobes

You can implement the pallet to any place you want. Pastels are for not only the walls, appliances, and furniture only. You can play around with the palate and use them in redecorating your shelves and cabinets. It breathes new life into your home. If you have monotone walls, you can go for a sea green shelf, which is sure to draw anyone’s attention.
If you are fond of the colors of the candies, you can paint your wardrobe in candy colors. You can place these sweet and attractive wardrobes in your kids’ rooms and play areas. Children love colorful items which might help in keeping things tidy.


We hope that the article helped you in achieving the aesthetics of your dream. Giving up on the mundane and solid neutral color, you will have a lot of room for experimenting. The ever-gorgeous pallet has a lot to offer. It offers you a good vibe and lets you usher in a certain warmth in your place. The pastel tone adds a cheer to your sweet abode.
5 Ways to Use Pastels in Your Home Interiors
5 Ways to Use Pastels in Your Home Interiors. The pastel shades are soothing, sophisticated, and hence, loved universally.


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