The world of Saudi fashion offers a captivating mix of traditional designs and contemporary styles. If it’s time for you to start planning your next vacation, you are a fashion lover and would fancy an exclusive vacation in a faraway land. We vigorously recommend you regard The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as your next destination because this country can give you all of the above.
In late 2017, Saudi Arabia started issuing tourist visas and opened up for the world to see its beautiful archeological and cultural treasures. Although the country was highly restricted to tourists in the past. It is welcoming many foreign visitors and expects to make a  huge turn by the year 2035, in its economy and the integration of the tourist industry in the Red Sea area.
Needless to say, there will still be some requirements to travel abroad, and the Saudi Kingdom isn’t the exception. We advise you to keep reading this article if you wish to know more about the way to apply and how to do it in a matter of minutes.To begin, examine a great tool to get all this prepared from the comfort of where you are
The world of Saudi fashion offers a captivating mix of traditional designs and contemporary styles.
The world of Saudi fashion offers a captivating mix of traditional designs and contemporary styles. Source
Once you get to your destination, you will notice there is a misreading of Westerners regarding the beauty standards Saudi women have, if there is any notion at all of how fashion works in Saudi Arabia. To us, the fashion we perceive is based on the white robes with a red and white ghutra for males and black robes and the classic Thawb for women, not really being able to see what they wear under their long black robes. What we do not know is that in private they can take off their thobe, and show their closer circle their beautiful clothes and their fashion taste.
The reality is, Arabian women have had a great fascination for fashion for a long time, and style, glamorous clothing, and accessories are with them wherever they go. Many large companies have become aware of Saudi fashion fondness, and recognize the influence of Western fashion too.
They have invested in opening stores that satisfy their markets and allow women to go shopping without the need for a male guardian in some establishments. Such is the case of the Marks and Spencer Group, which opened lingerie and beauty stores displaying undergarments on mannequins that do not have faces, in a sober and elegant way, and are attended exclusively by women so that ladies feel comfortable while they are shopping with their friends. Adjusting to local religious rules, retail giants are able to provide Saudi women with the latest fashion trends of the West and they love it.
Progressively, Saudi women are adapting and celebrating change, they are also starting to sense some religious conventions as something detached from believing in religion and practicing it. It means that many are showing their faces in public or on social media without fear of being socially reprimanded. There is no doubt that the new generations are slowly transforming and adapting quickly to new ways of thinking.
To be honest, style has always been present in Saudi fashion society, as are equally significant, personal care and beauty treatments. Regardless, if it is for private parties, hanging out with the girls, or family time, it does not diminish the importance of always being well presented and looking beautiful wearing their best garments, and the latest fashion. Therefore, Saudi Fashion embraces tradition with modern style, you should explore it once in a lifetime.

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