Haunting Beauty of Woods – Nelleke Pieters’, professional photographs flawlessly encapsulate the lasting beauty of the woods. The Holland-based amateur photographer manages to extract a definite poignant atmosphere from the trees and leaves in the forest where she shoots.
Therefore, from fleeting appearances of wildlife to tantalizing light streams and ever-changing colorful leaves. Nelleke Pieters records the astonishing natural beauty of the world around her through her landscape shooting.
Moreover, the majority of the photographs were taken within the picturesque Veluwe Woods of the Netherlands. The forest itself is a blend of dissimilar landscapes and types of vegetation, home to one of the leading incessant nature reserves in the country.
This diverse natural setting offers a compelling scene for photo shoots as the environment continually shifts and adopts a new face with every changing season. However, Pieter’s pictures rejoice in the beauty of the scenic woodlands and communicate the magic that permeates from within the forest.
Source: My Modernmet
Haunting Beauty of Woods
Haunting Beauty of Woods
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