If you were a parent or kid anytime between the mid-90s to right now, you’re perhaps well-acquainted with Pokémon Bulbasaur, in particular. A big thanks to designer Anqi Chen of “PrintAWorld”, the plant-like monsters have finally jumped off the screen and into real life. They are united by their fellow, earthy Pokémon brethren, Oddish. Anqi Chen has reimagined these two characters as small planters that will hold your beloved greenery on their backs and in their heads. The “Bulbasaur & Oddish” planters are created on a 3D printer using ABS plastic, which is a similar material used to make LEGOs.
Moreover, it’s lightweight, durable in direct sunlight, and has a smooth, glossy finish that’s akin to porcelain. Therefore, each figure comes with one drainage hole and is available in a variety of colors, including one that glows in the dark. Thus, make specially your creature with a cactus, aloe vera, or favorite succulent and you will have the sporadic Pokémon of all sitting right on your desk. Moreover, if you really love the idea and want to buy then both Pokémon are now available in the PrintAWorld shop. Source: My Modernmet
Grow a Bulbasaur with 3D Printed Pokemon Planters
Grow a Bulbasaur with 3D Printed Pokemon Planters
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