How to Write an English Essay

Essay writing is something in which most students struggle especially the international ones while stepping up to university. It would be challenging for you if you are not used to writing them regularly. If you stop taking I t as a challenge instead of taking it as an opportunity to share your thoughts with the rest of the world, our perspective on life. The brush is in your hand.
You can paint a unique image of events and objects in your own colors. Abroad there are many institutions that have made an essay part of the admission process. Through essays, they examine the general knowledge, linguistic skills, and the capacity to convey amazing thoughts and ideas in a logical manner.
The structure of the essay, the style, and the vocabulary influence your essay. If you lack language skills but also want to get into some reputable university then essay writing services are your life savior. Peachy Essay has been offering essay writing, and dissertation writing services to the students to help them in their academics.
If you get yourself prepared, then it would be best for you. You should have prior knowledge about the word limit of the essay. Once you know the word limit then you can adjust the structure to the volume of the essay. In this essay, I’ll be going to discuss the tips on how to write an English essay if you are an international student.
Whether you’re applying to a foreign institution or writing an essay for a certain subject, following our advice can help you produce a more engaging paper and achieve a decent mark on the exam:
  1. Construct Vocabulary Bank

Before writing an essay, you should have an appropriate vocabulary bank. This is a unique way of approaching your article. You will be able to take your essay or article to the next level if you make a small effort of extending your vocabulary bank. You can set a goal of like 5-10 words daily which may also be kept in your record. This will gradually establish a solid vocabulary. When writing, use these terms.
  1. Draft a Basic Essay Outline

Once the research has been done, you have to take some time to write down the main body of the essay. The basic outline allows you to arrange and organize the word structure. Many instructors at the university level have advised their students to work on an outline before writing their main essay. Regardless of essay type, an outline usually leads to excellent writing because it helps students to visualize their essay. An essay outline is characterized by four parts,
  1. Statement of the essay
  2. Introduction
  3. Supporting arguments
  4. Conclusion
  5. Attract Reader’s Attention

The initial one or two phrases of your essay, known as essay hooks, have the capacity to get the reader’s attention. The trick is to develop a hook that captures and holds the reader’s attention. There are a variety of strategies you may use to keep the reader interested, from a frightening statistic and pertinent quotation to employing comedy and asking a rhetorical question. Don’t spend too much time trying to come up with an effective essay hook if you can’t think of one. Come back when you’ve finished the rest of your essay.
  1. Quite Credible Sources

The first step to write any type of essay is to conduct research. The higher the quality of your research, the higher the quality of your essay. In an age where we have access to a wealth of information, it’s critical to carefully examine research sources and only choose reliable ones. Wikipedia, for example, is not a trustworthy source and should not be cited in essays.
Make an attempt to study journals, research studies, scholarly articles, academic databases, and encyclopedias that have been published in the previous 10-15 years. When analyzing a source, it’s also vital to consider the author’s reliability.
  1. Minimize Ambiguous Statements

It’s acceptable to make a general statement if you back it up with specific data. Otherwise, it’s just an opinion with no bearing on your reader’s ability to grasp why they should trust what you’re saying. Instead of stating, “I adore college,” try something like, “My favorite part about college is going to football games on Friday evenings.” The second statement provides evidence for why you enjoy college so much.
  1. Make Connections Between Sentences

It is critical while writing an essay that the material can be read quickly. And to do so, you’ll need to know how to link sentences effectively, as well as which words to use and when. Using appropriate conjunctions, you can easily link one sentence with the other and hence, makes a flow in your essay.
  1. Write Conclusion

The end of your foreign student essay should summarize all of your primary themes. This part should not contain any new material; rather, it should summarize what you’ve already said while highlighting the significance of your thesis or argument. Your conclusion should refer back to your introduction and explain how the topics you’ve mentioned support your main thesis.
In this part, the goal is to summarize your most critical arguments without appearing repetitious. Instead of repeating your opening statement in your conclusion, consider rephrasing it: Because your introduction or thesis statement introduced the issue before the reader had any background information, your conclusion should now address the reader as someone who is well-versed in your research and point of view.
  1. Proofreading

If you notice any grammatical structure or any issue with the language, don’t hesitate to bring it up at the conclusion. If you see a problem, get a dictionary, consult instructors, and solve it!


Learning another language is an ambitious (and difficult) job. There are a lot of minor nuances to understand, and it takes a lot of time and dedication. You will, however, improve with practice and study. To become a competent writer in a foreign language, you’ll need to put in considerably more work, but these pointers will get you started.
How to Write an English Essay
How to Write an English Essay – Essay writing is something in which most students struggle especially the international ones while stepping up to university. Photo Credit – Pexels


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