When it comes to looking at the various types of natural products you can use for tooth whitening you may be surprised. Many of these items are things that we have in and around our homes and are probably never considered tooth-whitening agents. You are always confused about how to tooth whiten naturally.
Some of these items have been used for tooth whitening for generations while others may be newly discovered to be effective for whitening teeth. While not all of these methods will work for everyone, each of them is reputed to be effective in some situations.
There are different types of stains and discoloration that may not be helped by any natural methods. Most often these are discolorations caused by medication, damaged enamel, the dentin of the tooth, and genetic dental markers. Typical food and drink stains, smoking discoloration, and even discoloration and staining from poor dental hygiene can usually be corrected.
There are a few basic ideas behind natural tooth whitening products. One way of whitening is to brush your teeth with whitening products, another is to apply and leave on a whitening product. Each of these can be effective but will depend on several factors. Some of the natural home remedies for whitening your teeth include.

1. Baking soda

Baking soda is probably the most common and well-known natural whitening agent for teeth; it is even included in many commercial types of toothpaste for deep cleaning and whitening. Over the years baking soda has built a reputation for all sorts of cleaning, whitening, and brightening tasks including laundry and dirty dishes.
Simply dip your damp toothbrush into a small bit of baking soda and brush your teeth as you normally would. Don’t brush vigorously because the baking soda is abrasive and you could damage the surface of your tooth. Simply brush softly in a circular motion to lift away stains and discoloration. This may take several uses to give you the whitening effect you seek, but baking soda is inexpensive and can be used daily if necessary.
Some people dip their brush in apple cider vinegar rather than water before dipping it in baking soda, this will give the baking soda a bit of fizz apple cider vinegar is known as a natural tooth-whitening item as well, so that will give you more bang for your buck.
Be sure to keep a glass of water ready because the taste of either of these items is not pleasant. Both baking soda and apple cider vinegar are known to be effective at cleaning and refreshing your mouth, destroying bacteria, and leaving you with not only white teeth but fresh breath as well.

2. Lemon juice and Orange Peel

Both of these fruits are included in the list of natural tooth whiteners but they are also controversial. The acidity of the fruit’s juices enables them to whiten teeth by “bleaching” away stains and discoloration.
But because fruit juices are also sugary there is a chance that using these to whiten your teeth now may lead to future discoloration and decay. Some people rub their teeth with the inner side of an orange peel; others may brush their teeth with lemon juice for an instantly whiter smile.
Of course, the more you use them the whiter your teeth will become which could lead to a decay problem or to the acid damaging the enamel of your teeth. While some people swear to use lemon juice to whiten their teeth.
Also, they add it to their regular toothpaste for more whitening it’s best to use lemon juice sparingly for whitening your teeth. Oranges aren’t quite as acidic, so orange peel may be a better choice for making your dull teeth sparkle and shine!

3. Strawberries

There are a few different ways floating around as to how you can use strawberries to whiten your teeth. Some people say to mash the strawberry and mix it with baking soda to brush your teeth with.
Some other people simply mash the strawberry and brush with it. While still others simply slice the strawberry and rub their teeth with the flesh of the fruit. One common problem with this method of whitening your teeth is the sugar content of strawberries, another is the seeds. Either way, you should always brush and floss after using strawberries to whiten your teeth.

4. Charcoal and Hardwood Ash (activated, not grill)

These two are really old-school-type home remedy items for tooth whitening. It is said that the lye in hardwood ash helps remove discoloration and staining from teeth.
Simply make a little paste with pure hardwood ashes (like from your fireplace) and water to brush your teeth with. Charcoal on the other hand refers not to the charcoal briquettes you use in your grill but to activated charcoal such as are used in filtering systems.
Crush the charcoal into a fine powder and dip a damp toothbrush in it to brush your teeth. Of course, afterward, you will want to rinse your mouth really well, and maybe even use regular toothpaste to remove the taste!

5. Extra virgin olive oil

This is an old method for not only whitening teeth and removing stains but also preventing staining of the teeth. Use a cotton swab or even your fingertip to rub extra virgin olive oil on the surface of your teeth. While it sits on your teeth the oil will soak into the microscopic “pores” on your tooth and lift away stains and discoloration.
It also provides a protective barrier to prevent stains from settling in. Essentially using oil to whiten your teeth is about like using wax on your car. It works and keeps on working after you apply it. When you think of whitening your teeth the idea of applying oil may not seem to be a feasible treatment but extra virgin olive oil is pure and natural and will not only help remove stains and discoloration but will help prevent new stains.

6. Salt (table and sea)

Simple table salt or sea salt can be added to your regular toothpaste, or to one of the combinations above for additional whitening. Salt can be abrasive but dissolves in water so it won’t damage your teeth. Salt is also good for mouthwashes and gargling to cleanse your mouth and freshen your breath naturally!
The many different uses and combinations for these items make it possible for you to have extremely white and clean teeth, without using harsh chemicals or paying a small fortune. There is a reason why home remedies are so popular. They are affordable and they work!
Therefore, these items have been used alone and in combinations for years to provide whitening effects for teeth. We’ll take a look at some of these and how they can be used and what they will do to help you whiten your teeth. So, you should try some of these ways to whiten your tooth before paying the heavy fees to dental doctors.
However, it is still best to consult a dentist before trying any of the above home remedies. Also, remember that dentists can always professionally whiten your teeth in minutes. For example, this dental expert provides quality Zoom whitening in Redwood City.
With all that said, this dentist who does quality dental crowns in Chandler AZ still recommends consulting a dental expert for the best teeth whitening treatment.
Tooth Whitening Naturally – 6 Home Remedies
Tooth Whitening Naturally – 6 Home Remedies

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