Well, it is set flush against a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea is Casa Brutale, a unique home concept that’d exactly have you living life on the edge. The creative project was presented by Open Platform for Architecture (OPA). The majestically beautiful sleek, modern design conceals almost the full unit within rock. In consequences, there’s comparatively little impact to the surrounding environment. Moreover, some areas of “Casa Brutale” are visible from the outside, two of which are its surface swimming pool and a set of steps. A short descent takes you into the main living space, which has a massive glass facade and furnish memorable views throughout the whole residence even though from your sleeping bed. Hence to avoid disparaging from the natural beauty of the scenic environment, decor is minimal and features cool concrete surfaces offset by elegant aged wood.

Furthermore to the architecture’s complementing integration in the earth, nature has a big role within the home; both the front glazing and the home’s roof function as sources of natural light. The skylight in fact doubles the glass-bottomed pool, permitting swimmers to gaze below. It also creates an exclusive effect if you’re within the space. Therefore, the sun passes through the billowing body of water, and the liquid diffuses the light, reflecting dazzling patterns onto Casa Brutale’s floors and walls. This unique home design will feel you that you’re under the sea.

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9Source: My Modernmet


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