Mesmeric Acrylic and Resin Swirl Table Bring the Cosmos to the Dining Room. Fashionable artist Bich Nguyen skillfully mixes acrylic paint and resin to create fascinating swirls of color, which seem brightly-hued hot springs seen from above, or maybe nebulae given the tie-dye treatment. Her most amazing current work is a five-by-three-foot wooden panel that she’s mounted on glass legs to make a table almost too appealing to use.
Moreover, the tones in the piece are deep blues, greens, purples, and aquamarines, carefully mixed with soft streaks of white and splatters of gold that seem to twist and ripple into one another, which she says comes from layers of testing and a loose, unintended approach. However, the acrylic affords color; it’s the resin that provides the panel its shine, so it shines like a surreal reinterpretation of a marble countertop.
Therefore, in her process, she explains, many times, I come to a painting with a common idea of which direction I want to go, however on other times I have no exact idea, nevertheless, the paint always takes me on an expedition that I cannot plan, that is the real beauty of it, routine life isn’t always like that.
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Acrylic and Resin Swirl Table
Acrylic and Resin Swirl Table
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