Merman Hair – New Trend in Men

Well these days, if you thought hair trends were only for women, you need to think again. The latest craze, dubbed “Merman Hair”, has men eagerly transforming their luscious mane into bold and courageous new styles. Though few may mimic the shiny curls of a merman’s locks, this specific hair trend focuses mainly on the colors. Therefore, every guy’s vivid, new look features any number of lovely color combinations of blues, reds, greens, purples, and pinks.
Contrasting hair trends for women, this one affects more than just head hair. These fashion-oriented men are adding pops of color to their facial hair, too! Someway, this extra flourish of colors completes the look, re-emphasizing their visually electrifying fashion statement though heightening the surreally of flowing underwater. Eventually, these guys are just inserting a bit of fun into their lives.
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Source: My Modernmet