Nursing care facilities have a long history of caring for elders and people who are in need of permanent assistance. It works hand in hand with medicine, allowing doctors to consult and diagnose patients from the comfort of their own homes while getting proper treatment without having to move from their location. At the same time, this helps doctors and healthcare providers offer better services and answer each request in cases of urgency.
Nursing care facilities are helpful for providers and beneficiaries too. That’s because they provide a safe and sanitary space where everyone can pursue their jobs well, and people are cared for and listened to regardless of their problems. But that’s not all!
Nursing care facilities have a long history of caring for elders and people who are in need of permanent assistance.
Nursing care facilities have a long history of caring for elders and people who are in need of permanent assistance. Photo credit: Unsplash
Here are all the ways a nursing care facility improves one’s life.

Lowers the risk of hospitalization

It’s common for seniors to be hospitalized due to an illness or an injury since their immune system isn’t that strong anymore. Lastly, for example, there’s been a COVID-19 “senior wave” that increased the number of hospitalizations significantly in many regions around the US. Unfortunately, these small outbreaks here and there can happen at any time since elderly people don’t always have access to proper care.
However, nursing care facilities can help solve the problem of rehospitalization because ongoing medical monitoring can provide a better recovery after an accident and offer patients the time needed to restore their health and mood at the same time. For older people, it’s also essential that someone cares about them enough to encourage striving for health and better condition; otherwise, they might get pessimistic and avoid healthcare facilities.

Provides specialized therapy

Frequently, older people don’t get the treatment they really need since it means they need to make many financial efforts to go to specialized therapy sessions that could solve their problems. Luckily, nursing care facilities are specialized in many kinds of therapy, including:
  • Physical therapy, which consists of strength training to improve mobility and help with fall prevention and pain management,
  • Occupational therapy, which is used to help patients get accustomed to doing daily activities and become more independent after suffering certain accidents;
  • Speech therapy is used when seniors went through an accident or suffer an injury that causes communication problems and speech disorders due to a stroke or brain injury.
Most of the time, these types of therapies work together to create a better recovery plan for the injured. That’s why SNF (skilled nursing facilities) telemedicine is the best choice to consider when in need of protecting residents and providing remote telehealth healthcare.

It supports social engagement

Socialization for the elderly is one of the most critical aspects of their care, besides nursing services. That’s because they tend to feel useless and not needed anymore since their strength has gone, which can eventually affect their health. But being in a nursing care facility allows them to talk with people their age and share their experiences, as well as have some fun playing chess or just taking walks together. Social engagement is highly beneficial for elders because:
  • It helps maintain mental balance by avoiding loneliness-induced anxiety, depression and other mental problems.
  • It upholds physical health since poor social relationships have been linked with an increase in heart disease and stroke;
  • It helps with self-esteem because elders over 60 tend to become less confident in themselves.
  • It gives them a better sense of purpose because they might feel that being ill and old makes them useless to those around them.

It offers 24/7 care

Living at home and needing constant monitoring after an accident or maintaining treatment can be quite challenging for the elderly, who have difficulties moving or are just too far away from healthcare facilities. This hinders the recovery process and can help develop other health issues, which can be tremendously negative for their condition. But in nursing care facilities, patients get to be monitored and cared for 24/7, no matter how good or bad their situation is, because this is the final purpose of a nursing care facility: to ensure everyone is in good condition and is content.
Moreover, these facilities also provide personalized care and assessment depending on each patient’s needs. Healthcare providers know how to tailor treatments to the individual so that recovery can be expedited. Skilled nursing facilities require constant recording of assessments to ensure the best services, which usually include information such as the following:
  • Current physical and mental conditions
  • Medical history
  • Current treatment
  • How well the person can perform activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, etc.)
  • The status of their speech
  • The decision-making ability
  • Any physical limitations (hearing or vision problems)

It maintains dietary assistance

As people age, their dietary needs change. That’s because their metabolism changes over time, they’re unable to do enough physical activity, and their age-related loss of bone and muscle mass also affects their lifestyle. Therefore, they need to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy to get all the required nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and fiber.
One of the most valuable services at a nursery is dietary assistance, where elders are guided and helped with what they should eat and how to get all the nutrients needed. When supporting elders in their healthy eating journey, some aspects are considered essential, such as:
  • Providing enjoyment of food. Older people sharing food with many people around them can increase food enjoyment, ensuring they’re eating well and regularly.
  • The ability to chew or swallow foods Often, older people find it difficult to eat properly due to their injuries and illnesses. At the same time, they can have a hard time liking all food textures, so that nursing providers might guide them in this exploration journey.
  • Food safety. Older people need to practice safe food handling, especially when they’re prone to foodborne illnesses (such as salmonella).

Bottom line

Nursing care facilities are highly beneficial for elders, as they provide a secure location where they feel safe and cared for and have other elders to talk with and feel better about themselves. Nursing facilities are often equipped with specialized providers, which helps elders blend in better and recover better.
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