The concept of road to wellness is confused, uninformed, and misinformed? Civil rights aren’t needed for commodities and corporations. Health is especially significant to people. Food and product information should be widely available to everyone. In spite of this, we are too often misled and deprived of crucial health and product information purely for economic reasons.
Though, it is very imperative to recognize that the media is complicit in allowing advertisers and corporate sponsors to virtually legislate content for economic reasons that trump public health concerns. Surely no social media platform, internet platform, magazine, or television network wants to offend a company that pays them thousands or even millions of dollars a month to advertise their products?
Pervasive problems can be seen in a small example. The quality of food information we consume is more pertinent than ever before for our health. Today’s foods often contain industrial contaminants, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, and other unhealthy ingredients. Keeping track of what we put into our bodies is increasingly imperative for our health. However, we cannot make informed decisions or make healthy purchases without such information. This resource was inspired by the simple concept of full disclosure and informed consumer consent.
Most people want to live healthy and vital lives, and many adopt strategies and lifestyles they believe will protect and fortify their health. Yet most Americans are deeply confused as to what constitutes truly healthy nutrition. Sadly, much of the official information we are given is harmful to our health, the health of our children, and even the health of our planet. Where health matters are concerned surveys often point to the reality of an under or misinformed public.
The Road to Wellness
The Road to Wellness. Photo Credit – Pexels
Many Americans today make health decisions based on food industry propaganda and compromised nutrition guidelines promulgated by corrupted government agencies influenced by special interests. The issue of misinformation and the failure of federal agencies to protect us are discussed in this article. In fact, we swore to protect industries that pose a risk to our health rather than industries that pose a risk to our lives.
Further, to failing to expose Americans to the contaminants we consume every day through the food we eat, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) refuse to prosecute criminally negligent corporations that contaminate our food supply and ecosystem. It is possible to reach ludicrous extremes as a result of such bias.
Moreover, a government official assured the local public after the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor accident. He said the level of exposure was no more than what would be received from wearing a radium dial watch.
In one public announcement, an official from the nuclear industry said that plutonium could be sprinkled on breakfast cereal and eaten without posing any health risks. However, he declined to attend a plutonium breakfast hosted by an anti-nuclear organization. It is unfortunate that the healthcare industry is almost as unreliable as the government when it comes to information.
Innumerable magazines, books, articles, websites, and now social media and infomercials offer the latest diet rules, plans, and theories. Every month, every year, these promises promise to dissolve fat and improve our health. There are even major news magazines, television, and radio networks that offer advice on exercise, weight control, cholesterol levels, heart health, and more.
There is, however, a great deal of contradictory information and not much scientific evidence to back it up. Most of it is geared toward promoting products, programs, or services related to the topic. It can even be dangerous in some cases. Most of these diets are marketed as “the last,” “the best,” “the ultimate,” and even “the only diet you need.”
Nevertheless, our confusion is only exacerbated by the contradictory health recommendations given by dozens of nutritionists, physicians, health experts, and gurus, credentialed and uncredentialed. In just a few years, three of the top-selling diet books’ authors admitted to being overweight, and one of them was approaching obesity, while a fourth, a cardiologist presenting healthy nutrition secrets, admitted to taking prescription medications for heart disease.
The road to wellness can be confusing and lead us astray. The profit motive sacrifices the health of the average American. This makes us all more likely to develop serious health conditions such as osteoporosis, blood pressure problems, heart disease, obesity, and cancer.
Even when we believe we’re doing everything right, what we don’t know can make us sick and eventually kill us. To ensure that you’re doing what’s best for your health, it’s best to consult a medical professional in your area. For example, if you have dental issues, don’t just google what’s wrong with you, you should start looking for an emergency dentist in Las Vegas or one near you. Hence, it is really important to understand the concept of road to wellness for a healthy life.
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