Artist Simon Beck earlier trudges across sand through knee-high snow to make gigantic geometric drawings (snow art) left behind in his footprints. Basically driven by super-human forces and undaunted by the powers of nature, from sandy expanses on the shore of New Zealand to frigid outlooks in the Swiss Alps, any pristine surface that stretches for hundreds of meters can work as a suitable canvas for Beck’s designs. Therefore, each site-specific piece is very well planned in advance on a computer and prudently mapped out on-site before the artist starts his grueling expedition.
Moreover, after walking for entire days, the painstaking details of enormous fractals, snowflakes, dragons, and undulating geometric forms are left in his wake often with barely enough sunlight to depict a few quick photographs. However, you’ve seen a number of pieces by Beck from the last year or so. Hence you can learn about the fine details of his process in his book published in his work titled Simon Beck: Snow Art. Moreover, you can catch Simon Beck on Facebook.
Snow Art
Snow Art
Source: This is Colossal


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