How To Write An Essay?

Most students find it dreadful when they are facing an assignment on writing. Creating an essay, lab reports, term papers, literature reviews, or research papers is not a strong suit for everybody. Some people have the skill to write a flawless paper, and some train and hone their skills for a long time to achieve the writing mastery they possess. But, don’t let this you down.
If you have a hard time writing essays, it is not too late for you to develop your writing skills. If you start now, you can unleash the writer in you. Here are helpful tips on writing an essay that can help you get through your class requirements and careers.
5 Useful Tips On How To Write An Essay? Creating the content of your article is easier if you know what you are writing about.
5 Useful Tips On How To Write An Essay? Creating the content of your article is easier if you know what you are writing about.

Understand the question

An important step on how to write a better essay is to understand the question. Creating the content of your article is easier if you know what you are writing about. Most school requirement essays are given with an essay prompt. These are guide questions that will help you arrange your thoughts logically and know the details you should include in your writing.
Analyzing the prompt questions will help you write concisely and straightforwardly. It will prevent your paper from being redundant. When you write an essay, don’t just include every idea that comes into your mind. A topic can be broad, and your thought may not be the specific content your teachers are looking for. 
Essay prompts may be questions like, “Why did you choose this university to study?” or “If we admit you here, what can you give back to the school?” In this situation, you can ask yourself, “Who can write my narrative essay?”. 

Create a strong thesis statement

One of the most essential essay writing tips that most people overlook is writing a strong thesis statement. Many students think that writing an introduction is enough to be the overview of their entire paper. They are not wrong, for the introduction part is to tell people what to expect in the entirety of their writing. But, a vital part of the introduction is the thesis statement.
A thesis statement is usually found in the last part of the introduction, and it tells the audience what the topic is, what the points or arguments are, and to who they are addressed. The thesis statement will give your audience clarity on what to expect from the content of your paper and what will be the focus of your discussion. This statement should be concise and brief. It is composed of two to three sentences at most. Here are some tips on how to write an excellent essay thesis statement:
  • State your subject. Make sure that you tell your readers the main point of your paper.
  • Give your opinion. State your thoughts about the topic you are writing about.
  • Write down the arguments for why your claims are valid.
  • Know the audience. Address the audience that you made your paper for.
Writing a thesis statement can be daunting initially, but once you practice using it with every article you make. It gets easier. If you need more examples of a good thesis statement, you can visit this webpage.

Use the active voice

One of the essay tips you should keep in mind is when to use the active and the passive voice. When writing a scientific essay, it is better to use the passive voice, but always go with an active voice when you write an English article or any other type. Why? Using an active voice will make your sentence clearer to your readers.
It will also help the sentences in your article become less wordy. Remember, when you need to write a sentence in active voice, you must remember that the subject comes first and performs the action. Here are some examples of sentences in the active voice:
  • Severus concocted a potion that will help you sleep peacefully.
  • Professor McGonagall transformed the cup into a rat.
  • Granger cast a levitating charm in the hippogriff feather.
Here is the passive voice of the sentences above so that you can see the difference:
  • A potion that will help you sleep peacefully was concocted by Severus.
  • The cup was transformed into a rat by Professor McGonagall.
  • A levitating charm is cast on the hippogriff feather by Ms. Granger.
The active voices are easier to understand; they also use fewer words for sentence construction, making reading more enjoyable.

Proofread your work

One of the most important tips for essay writing is proofreading your work. When you write an article, make sure you give yourself some time to proofread and edit your work. Never submit work you did not edit. Even if you are confident enough in your writing skills, your first draft is not the one.
Most of the time, it will be full of mistakes you have overlooked during your writing process. If you don’t have much time to edit it manually, there are always applications that can instantly help you proofread your work. Applications found on the internet as Grammarly offers you fast editing for your work.
Once you upload your paper, they will highlight your errors and phrases or words you can improve. They also give suggestions to make the process faster. All you have to do is click, and it is done for you instantly. Make use of the technology available to you. There’s no more reason for you to skip the proofreading and editing process.

Don’t forget to cite your sources

Writing an excellent essay entails a lot of research. Often time, we use the ideas of other authors to support our claims. It is not wrong to use their work, but it is essential to know that you must always cite them when you use their data in your paper. Probably the most important of the tips to write a good essay is citing your resources.
You commit plagiarism even if you forget or purposely did not acknowledge your source and claim them are your idea. No matter how well-written your paper is, even if you’re spelling, grammar, sentence construction, and details are on point, it loses its credibility if plagiarized. It won’t be considered a good essay when ideas are stolen.
As a writer, it is your responsibility to know how to use citations. There are different types you can use for citing a source, and there are APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. These are just some of the most commonly used citations put there. Familiarize yourself with it.
There are no number of tips for English essays that will be good enough if you don’t practice them in your writing process. You don’t have to do it all at once. You can do it gradually until these things become natural to you when you write. Bookmark these essay writing tips and work your way to becoming better at writing!
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