Beautiful Eco-Friendly Hobbit Hole Homes can be built in Three Days only. Living deep is a unique idea of thought. I’m sure, you have never fantasized about living deep in the ground. For those who have dreamed of living in their own snug hobbit hole, they don’t need to travel to Middle Earth to make the dream a reality.
Instead of getting out the shovel and building your own habitable hole in the hillside, you can now simply order a ready-made one and tailor it to your exact specification as a year-round home or a place to retreat for a holiday perfect for growing vegetables and feeling at one with nature – and come with pools or hot tubs.
Therefore, in one of the cozy hobbit holes that “J.R. R. Tolkien” so richly describes in his novels? A company named “Green Magic Homes is offering their consumers to avail the opportunity to do just that, with their easy assemble pre-fabricated structures that can be covered with soil, to make an attractive home any hobbit would be happy to reside in.
Perhaps it’d be the best part? It takes only three people to assemble one of these structures in three days, and they need no distinctive skills or heavy equipment. However, it is capable of housing a small kitchen, lounge, and dining room, the pod could be used as a man cave, guest house, or even studio space.
Moreover, the Green Magic Homes are composed of prefabricated vaulted panels made of laminate materials, with walls that are laterally reinforced by soil. Thus, the resulting structures are established and well-protected from the environment and UV radiation.
Each component has perforated flaps that seal into one another, anchoring them to the foundation and letting for a firm installation. Furthermore, composite ducts and channels for electrical wiring and water pipes, as well as mechanical ventilation ducts, can be added to the shell at any point. Moreover, with a variety of sizes and shapes available, there is a customization home package offered for all. Would you want to live in a modern-day do-it-yourself-style hobbit hole?
Beautiful Eco-Friendly Hobbit Hole Homes can be built in Three Days only
Beautiful Eco-Friendly Hobbit Hole Homes can be built in Three Days only
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