Atlanta, Georgia-based environmentalist Peter Bahouth always feels very close to nature and he grew up having a tree-house and has affectionate memories of it. When he an adult, he always wanted to re-form this distinct place, so with his partner Nick Hobbs make a design and construct his vision. Peter Bahouth had previously purchased an ample land next to his house, and together with Hobbs designated a trio of closely equidistant trees to build around. The ultimately result is three fascinating spaces linked together by a suspension bridge.

Moreover every house is built with salvaged materials, antiques, and meaningful stuffs. They’re named “Mind,” “Body,” and “Spirit” and have personalities all their own. First of all you’ve to enter in “Mind”, which is meant as a place to gather, and includes ample seating for guests. The 2nd tree-house is “Body” actually a bedroom that’s filled with original art and a platform bed that slides out under the tree canopy. Therefore; “Spirit” is a round platform that is the tallest of the three and boasts an unbelievable view of the sunset. The rustic tree-houses also come equipped with a hammock for lazy afternoons and a bull’s eye for playing blow darts. Coupled with the cozy interiors, they’re the impeccable spot to amuse friends or relish a night outdoors and feel closer to nature.

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