Vape pens are a critical part of life, especially for vapers, and you have to have them whether traveling or chilling out with friends. They are a source of fun, a means to relax and pass the time, especially in the evenings or when you are bored, hence the need to carry them with you wherever you go.
Traveling with vape pens may not be easy, but you can follow these guidelines to help you travel with your vape pen. Before you travel with your vape pen, ensure you understand various procedures and laws about carrying vape devices in different states and countries.

Traveling with a vape pen on a plane

The TSA regulations allow vapers to bring their vape pens as part of their luggage; however, you pack them as carry-on luggage. Moreover, you need to abide by various airport regulations to avoid being detained or the vape pen being seized. The rules about flying with vape pens vary from country to country; hence, you must know the laws before you bring your cells. You must also be ready to offer explanations at certain airports that may have issues with vape devices on planes.

Things to avoid when flying with your vape pen

Ensure you understand airport regulations about vaping; certain airports will allow you to vape at certain places. However, other airports completely ban vaping in their surroundings.  If you are traveling to a country where vaping is legal, you can leave your vape pen at home and then buy synthetic nicotine for your vape pen in the country. But if you must travel with it, be cautious to avoid accidents or trouble with the authorities.
How To Travel with Your Vape Pens: A Complete Guide
How To Travel with Your Vape Pens: A Complete Guide Ensure you understand airport regulations about vaping; certain airports will allow you to vape at certain places. Image source:

Tips for packing your vaping pens

You need to follow guidelines when packing your vape pen for a journey. These guidelines also apply to all modes of transport.

Do not fly with full cartridge

When packing a vape pen, you need to fill the cartridge halfway. This is because the air pressure in the plane can cause the cartridge to leak, spilling all the contents onto your clothes and other items in the bag. Inspect the vape pen for any cracks and ensure it is tightly sealed to avoid leakages.
If you are traveling by other means of transport, you can fill the cartridge past half-level, but not entirely. After inspecting the vape pen for cracks, ensure it is tightly sealed before packing it amongst other items.

Plastic cartridges are the best when going on a journey

When traveling, ensure you carry a plastic cartridge because it is not vulnerable to air pressure changes. The plastic cannot break easily, even if other big or heavy bags are on top of the bag containing the vape pen. They cannot easily shatter if the bags’ contents are shaken due to air pressure or rough roads.

Store the battery separately.

Lithium batteries can easily ignite due to various conditions; hence, you need to store them properly. You can buy a lithium battery case to keep it safe from conditions that can cause ignition or burst, such as excessive heat and pressure. This case is also essential for keeping the terminals from touching each other.
When traveling with the vape pen, you also need to inspect the battery wattage. FAA regulations caution against carrying batteries with capacities above 100 watts. A few vape pens have battery capacity above 100 watts; if yours exceeds the limit, you can seek the airport’s permission to bring it along.

Get a storage bag

Do not mix the vape devices with your clothes; you should store everything separately. A storage bag will prevent the fluids from leaking into your items in case of any leakages. The storage kit will also limit the impact of atmospheric conditions, such as pressure, that may affect your vape pen.

What to pack when traveling with your vape pen

Depending on the place or country you wish to visit, you need to pack essential items for vaping. The number of items will also depend on the vaping laws in the region you are visiting.

Extra liquid

It would be best if you carried extra liquid to avoid being scammed into buying a low-quality drink or having to go through the troubles of ordering vape liquids in a foreign land. Taking excess vape liquid will also save you from the burden of buying expensive liquids.


This is an essential item you need. You can only carry the micro-USB cable, and you can use the phone’s wall charger or plug it into any USB port. You can also have a converter to limit power levels to the battery when charging using new or used phone wall chargers.

Spare coil

Ensure you avoid dry throat hits or burnt tastes by carrying an additional coil to replace the other if it burns. It can also be a challenge to buy a vape pen coil in an area with strict vaping regulations.
Bottom Line
The vaping industry is popular globally, except in a few countries that still limit vaping. When visiting such countries, you need to carry your vape pen and all the essentials. Ensure you store the cell in a particular storage bag to secure it from environmental conditions that may cause damage. Furthermore, before traveling, ensure you understand the TSA regulations about traveling with vape pens.


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