Some iris, such as bearded iris, grow from rhizomes; some such as Siberian iris, have fibrous roots. The others, such as Dutch Iris Flowers, grow from bulbuls. Only the iris that grows from bulbs is considered here the others are treated as perennial. Iris is a genus of 260 to 300 species of flowering plants with showy flowers. It takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow.
Iris Flowers are natural hybrids and are a capsule that opens up in three parts to reveal the numerous seeds within. In some species, the seeds bear an aril. Most of the bulbous irises are small, elegant plants that look particularly good in rock gardens spot. The reticulate types, especially Iris reticulate Flowers which bloom even earlier than crocuses, are lavender-blue with yellow markings and are about 6 inches tall.
The Iris Flowers are the most beautiful flowers when in full bloom. Other reticulate types are the deep purple “I. bakerana”, yellow “I. danfordiae” and the charming blue I. histrioides Major. All are about 4 inches tall, have grassy foliage, and are hardy to at least Zone 5. The so-called Dutch iris, which are hybrids of I. xiphium (Spanish iris) and other species, are much taller about 18 inches, and bloom in early summer.
Moreover, Iris Flowers’ colors include blue, purple, lavender, yellow, and white. When picked just as they are opening they make very fine, long-lasting cut flowers and are often used by florists. Unfortunately, they are not reliable hardy above Zone 7. But if you live in the north and dearly love them you can try mulching them, or even digging them up digging up in late summer and storing them over the winter.

How to Grow Iris Flowers Plant?

Well, if you want to grow the Iris Flowers plant, then you need all the irises mentioned here should be planted as early in fall as possible, in full sun. They like light, moderately fertile soil and need water during their growth period. Although they absolutely must have good drainage. You need to plant the smaller types 3 inches deep and 4 inches apart, the larger Dutch iris 5 inches deep and 5 to 6 inches apart.

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