What is Hydrocele?

The tunica vaginalis, which surrounds the testicle in men, is affected by hydrocele, a condition in which fluid accumulates there. Old men are usually more susceptible to the condition, but it can affect anyone at any age. Among the sex glands in the male body, the testicles are the most important. The sperm cells are produced in myriads of coiled tubes within each gland. The purpose of these cells is to fertilize the ovum during sexual interaction.
The tunica vaginalis, which surrounds the testicle in men, is affected by hydrocele, a condition in which fluid accumulates there.
The tunica vaginalis, which surrounds the testicle in men, is affected by hydrocele, a condition in which fluid accumulates there. Photo Credit – pulsenotes


Hydrocele is characterized by a painless, smooth, and elastic enlargement of the scrotum. When swelling is so severe as to prevent walking, it can cause great inconvenience. Consequently, it may cause severe pressure on the testicles and spermatic vessels, which can negatively affect the generative system. The hydrocele is translucent. Upon placing a bright light on it, it will light up, indicating that it has become infected. If the swelling becomes painful, it is usually an indicator that it has become infected.


In most cases, hydrocele is caused by toxic conditions in the body. Although a knock or strain may appear to be the cause, toxic conditions are usually at the heart of the issue. Dietary errors, improper living habits, and suppressive medical treatment are all responsible for systemic toxicity. Some cases also result from sexual abuse and excess, which leads to the degeneration of the sex organism.
A gonorrhoeal infection, obstruction of the abdominal vein, tuberculosis, or dropsy may be the cause of this condition. Occasionally, babies are born with hydrocele. If the infant is lying on its back, swelling occurs when it is upright, but disappears when it is in an upright position. Infants with hydrocele usually disappear on their own.


For the removal of fluid from hydrocele, tapping is usually used. However, this does not address the cause of the problem, only its symptoms. Constitutional treatment is the most effective way to treat the condition. The treatment should aim to remove the underlying toxicity of the system that is causing the problem. In the first seven to ten days after suffering from hydrocele, the patient should consume exclusively fresh fruit.
A diet based on fresh fruits, such as apples, pears, grapes, grapefruit, oranges, pineapple, peaches, and melon, three times a day is recommended. He cannot eat bananas, dried, stewed, or tinned fruit, and no other food. If you want to drink something, try lemon water unsweetened or either hot or cold water. An enema of warm water should be administered daily during this period to cleanse the bowels. All steps should be taken to eliminate constipation if it is habitual.
A patient may adopt the following regimen after an all-fruit diet:
Having breakfast: Fruit as available, grated raw carrots or other raw salad stuff, prunes or other dried fruits, if desired, and milk.
Lunch: Steamed vegetables, as available, with a poached or scrambled egg or a vegetarian savory. Desserts may include stewed fruit or baked apples.
Dinner: Prunes or other dried fruits, along with whole wheat bread and butter for dinner. A good-sized raw salad with any suitable vegetable available.
At monthly intervals, additional short periods on an all-fruit diet should be undertaken for two or three consecutive days each time. Future diets must focus primarily on fruits and salads, with the diet factor of utmost importance. A person should avoid drinking alcohol, strong tea, coffee condiments, pickles, and sauces. It is advisable to give up smoking if you are a habitual smoker.

Treatment of water

Hydrocele can be cured through water treatment. For best results, take cold hip baths twice a day, morning and evening, for 10 minutes each time. An ordinary tub can be used for a cold hip bath. Fill it with cold water. While sitting in the tub, the patient should keep his or her legs outside. It is also highly beneficial to take a hot Epsom-salts bath once or twice a week, where possible, to treat hydrocele.
The general health level should be built up to the highest degree possible. The success of this treatment depends on fresh air and outdoor exercise. Air bathing and sunbathing should be practiced whenever possible. It is important to avoid any habit or practice that lowers the tone of the body; strain should be avoided wherever possible.
Suspensory bandages can be useful in many situations. As the foregoing treatment begins to show its beneficial effects, the whole general health level of the sufferer will be greatly enhanced at the same time, unless the condition persists for a long time.

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