The Standing Stones of Stenness

The Standing Stones of Stenness is a Neolithic monument 5 miles northeast of Stromness on the mainland of Orkney, Scotland. The Standing Stones of...

The Story of Famine Stela in Egypt

The Famine Stela is an inscription on a 2.5-meter-high by 3-meter-wide granite slab on Sehel Island, close to the Nile near Aswan, Egypt, that...
Climate change affects the patterns of migration.

The Migration of Monarch Butterflies

The migration of monarch butterflies is the world's rarest phenomenon. On the Mexican mountains, orange,...

30 Most Beautiful Finches in Asia

1 THREE-BANDED ROSEFINCH “Carpodacus trifasciatus” 18cm FIELD - NOTES: Lethargic, often sits immobile for long periods...

Yareta – A 3000 Years Old Alien-looking Plant

Yareta is a green and alien-looking growing plant in South America. On first inspection, you...

Crepuscular Rays in the Atmospheric Optics of Sunlight

Crepuscular Rays in the Atmospheric Optics of Sunlight are also called as Sun rays in...
The common Babbler is a dingy brown bird belongs to the member of the Leiothrichidae family of Argya genus.

Common Babbler – A Dingy Brown Bird Continually Jerk the Tail

The common Babbler is a dingy brown bird belonging to the member of the Leiothrichidae...
Australian Ferwren

The Small Australian Fernwren

Australian Fernwren (Crateroscelis gutturalis) foraging habitat is the litter of the forest floor under upland rainforests in northeastern Queensland. The small birds spend most...
Juicing Benefits
There are numerous health juicing benefits. How was it when I discovered juicing that I was floating from excitement? Despite being so natural, it was so drastically different from everything we knew about That made perfect sense, and I couldn't believe I had been able to access it all...
The Magic of Turkish Hot Sand Coffee
If you’re a coffee lover, then you must try Turkish Hot Sand Coffee. Coffee is a beverage that has been around for centuries. It is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and people drink it for various reasons. Some people drink it because they need the...
The Brown Rat thrives wherever man grows food and stores it for him and his animals, provided there is enough cover for living and nesting.

The Brown Rat Facts

Brown Rat arrived in Britain about 250 years ago. Since then, they have established themselves as major pests, and still resist man's attempts at...